Since 1999


Hanna Instruments is proud to partner with EcoInstrument in Russia

Our International team based out of Woonsocket, RI is pleased to work with Mr. Oleg Lomakov and Mr. Kirill Akhadov of EcoInstruments in Moscow. EcoInstruments has been an integral partner for Hanna for the past 10+ years in Russia and its surrounding nations.

Ecoinstrument was founded in 1993 by research employees and graduates of Moscow State University. The company started from ecology studies and later broadened its business to perspectives of selling all ranges of analytical equipment. 
1993, EcoInstrument began producing inexpensive pH and ISE electrodes and meters
1995, Ecoinstrument started importing equipment
1999, EcoInstrument opened an office in Nizhny Novgorod
2000, EcoInstrument opened an office in Yekaterinburg
2005, EcoInstrument—Kyiv was opened



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Krymsky val str., 3-2, room 512. 119049, Moscow
By phone +7-495-745-22-90
By e-mail:

Contact (English, Russian) Mr.Kirill Akhadov, Mrs.Victoria Kutcheriayeva.