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AmpHel® pH Electrode with Replaceable Battery - General Purpose, 5m

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This amplified pH electrode is designed for industrial applications with features such as a cloth junction, PEI body and replaceable battery. With it's durable design, you can count on this electrode to stand up to your process environment.

  • AmpHel pH electrodes with replaceable battery.
  • Ideal for measurements in unclean samples and high humidity conditions.
  • Built for everyday, demanding use in industrial applications.
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Amplified pH electrode

Provides a stable signal for industrial monitoring as well as a major saving in low noise coaxial cable costs.

PEI body

PEI bodied electrodes are rugged and suitable for noncritical applications that require a very good combination of chemical, mechanical, and thermal resistance.

Cloth junction

Clear the junction by simply extracting 1/8” of the junction from the electrode to expose a new portion, resulting in a renewed junction.

BNC connector

Allows for quick and easy connection to any pH/ORP meter or transmitter.

General purpose glass formulation

General purpose glass provides the best response over the entire pH range and can be used for a wide range of applications.

AmpHel® replaceable battery

No longer necessary to throw away an electrode when the battery is exhausted for longer electrode life.

Sonda Temperatura: No
Tipo/Portata Giunzione: Cloth
Tipo di Elettrolita: Gel
Materiale del Corpo: PEI
Tipo di Vetro: GP (-5 to 70°C)
Matching Pin: No
Pressione Max.: 3 bar (43.5 psi)
Cavo: 5 m
Tipo di Connettore: BNC
Amplificatore: Yes
Notes: 6 months

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