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Digital Conductivity Probe for HI98199 - HI763093

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The HI763093 is a digital four-ring conductivity probe for use with the HI98199 portable multiparameter pH, EC, and DO meter. The HI98199 meter can be set to display readings as conductivity, TDS and/or salinity. The probe is constructed of durable ABS plastic and contains an integrated temperature sensor for temperature compensated measurements.
  • Digital Probe
  • Four Ring Probe
  • Waterproof Quick Connect DIN Connector
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digital electrode  

Built-in Microchip

The built-in microchip stores sensor type, serial number and calibration information including date, time, and calibration points. This information is automatically retrieved by HI98199 once the probe is plugged in. The ability to transfer information allows for hot swapping of probes without recalibrating. All conductivity measurements are performed within the probe and transferred digitally to the meter.  Four Ring Technology  

Four Ring Technology

The four ring, also known as four pole, technology allows the use of a single probe with solutions ranging from reverse osmosis to brine solution. The four ring technology is a potentiometic design that reduces polarization effects as compared with amperometric sensors.  ABS body with PVC sleeve  

ABS Body with PVC Sleeve

The AISI 316 stainless steel rings are mounted to ABS plastic. The outer removable sleeve is made of PVC.  Temperature Sensor  

Built-in Temperature Sensor

The built-in temperature sensor provides for automatic temperature compensation of all conductivity readings.  Quick Connect DIN Connector  

Waterproof Quick Connect

The HI763093 probe has a quick connect DIN connector that provides a for a secure waterproof connection.

Materiale del Corpo: ABS body, PVC sleeve and stainless steel rings
Sensore di Temperatura: built-in
Tipo di Connettore: quick connect DIN
Notes: to only be used with HI98199 portable pH/EC/DO meter

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