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HI9810412 HALO2 pH metro da laboratorio

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The HALO2 Wireless pH Tester is designed to bring simplicity and sophistication to pH testing in a variety of settings and environments.
  • Open-source Bluetooth allows easy integration into current data logging systems
  • IP65 water resistant protection
  • Specialized electrode for spot checking pH
  • Equipped with everything you need for successful testing right out of the box
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Universal Connectivity

The open-source Bluetooth® protocol allows easy integration with the Hanna Lap App and current Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). The HALO2 Wireless pH testers are GLP compliant.

IP65 Water Resistant Protection

The housing of the HALO2 pH testers are rated IP65, meaning it has a high level of protection against particles and dust and protection against the ingress of water from jets. Protection that will keep these testers working for you in most conditions.

Pocket Sized

The compact size makes these HALO2 testers ideal for on-the-go testing. A large LCD display provides at-a-glance readings from any angle. The single button operation streamlines the testing process for users of all experience levels. HI151 Checktemp®4 Temperature Tester
HI151 Checktemp®4 Temperature Tester

Junction Design

The type of junction in a pH electrode is vital to measurement speed and accuracy. Each of the HALO2 testers are designed to work within specific anticipated environments, with their unique challenges, to create the best solution for each application.

Probe Body

Tester body materials are based on the testing environment, the sample type, and the frequency of use. The HALO2 configurations are designed to make pH measurements easier and more accurate in each application's environment indicated by the description.

Membrane Tip

Each membrane is designed to maximize the sensor accuracy, response time, and longevity of the probe. Application sample variations and ease of use determine the membrane glass and shape for each HALO2.

Cleaning Solution

Each HALO2 pH tester comes with cleaning solution engineered to keep the electrode free from contaminates. This concentrated combination of detergents cleans your tester quickly and effectively so that your tester stays in optimum condition.

Easy Calibration

HALO2 can be placed right into our calibration buffer sachets for easy calibration. Using a Hanna calibration sachet ensures your buffer is always fresh.

Storage Solution

Proper storage of your electrode will ensure reliable measurements and a long electrode life. Our storage solution is specially formulated to keep the pH glass hydrated while minimizing organic growth. HI151 Checktemp®4 Temperature Tester

Scarica l'app gratuita

Scarica l'app gratuita

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Scarica l'app gratuita

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